Isolate your water supply before going away.

water supply stop cock

Learn how to be safe and turn off your water supply

If you have an older property it is always a good idea to turn off the water supply before you go away. Not sure how?

water supply stop cock

First place to look for your stop cock is under the kitchen sink but it may be in another place, under the stairs, or in a cupboard. If you ind it hard to locate it might be a good idea to enlist the help of a neighbor as there is a high probability that at least one neighbor will know the location.

Once located turn the stop cock several turns until it stops then check your kitchen sink cold water tap, it should have stopped running indicating the water supply is off. If you really are unsure ask your local friendly plumber to help. Better be safe than sorry!

Top tip: When you return from vacation and turn the water supply back on (anti clockwise) turn the stop cock fully open then back of half a turn. This can help prevent your stop cock seizing.

That’s it, a simple measure could prevent a disaster. Happy holidays!